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Propel Your Start-Up's Online Presence into 2024 with a Professional Website - Unleash Your Potential with Our Launchpad Special

Launching a new start-up comes with its share of challenges, especially when establishing an impactful online presence. Navigating this terrain can feel daunting, particularly when considering the costs and time investments in website development. Amidst the myriad of responsibilities, the prospect of creating a website might seem like an additional, unnecessary burden.

Yet, in today’s digital landscape, a website is non-negotiable. As more consumers rely on online avenues to discover products and services, a robust online presence is key for business competitiveness. Without a website, potential customers might remain unaware of your existence, leading to missed revenue and growth opportunities.

Moreover, the absence of a website can compromise credibility and professionalism. Especially for budding start-ups, building trust and reliability is crucial, and a lack of an online presence might hinder that progress.

Beyond credibility, a website serves as a platform to exhibit your brand and values, offering a narrative that goes beyond conventional advertising. It provides an avenue to connect with prospective clients, fostering relationships that are fundamental to developing a loyal customer base.

So what's the solution?

The Jump Exposure Launchpad offer, focused on providing a tailored landing page, alleviates the pressure. We understand the challenges new businesses face and are committed to kickstarting your online journey with a professionally designed landing page. This streamlined solution allows you to establish an immediate online presence, portraying your brand’s essence and values, while ensuring a credible and impactful digital footprint from the outset.!

What's included

Launchpad package

designed for individuals and small businesses.
Prices starting from:
£ 550
  • Bespoke Responsive Web Design
  • A one page multi section landing page
  • Including Contact form
  • Payment option: 50% Deposit 50% on completion
  • 6 months free hosting and domain for start ups without*
  • More pages and functions can be added for additional cost

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