Case study B-GIRL Terra

This was a redesigned website for one of our nation’s exciting young Break Dancing talents called B-Girl Terra from Wolverhampton. The B-Girl Terra team were been wonderful to work with and hopefully, the new website acts as another platform to build upon and they can continue to promote Terra’s talents on and off the dance floor. The website promotes a growing list of bookable services and integrates her growing social profiles and merchandise to promote further creative arts and performances.

Check out her social platforms and follow @b_girl_terra_b_girl_eddie journey to potentially get to the Paris Olympics when breakdance makes its debut.

The way we consume media and the way we buy products has changed significantly in the last decade. There are now many more ways to promote a product, and social media is one of them.

With an e-commerce website that includes social media integration, you can create a unique experience for your customer. You can provide them with the experience they want while also showing off your brand.

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