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Why you should invest in a booking system focused website for your small service business

Are you a new business owner looking to get your company off the ground? One thing you definitely need is a website – and not just any website, but one with booking features! Because let’s face it, the way we work and play has changed significantly in the last few years (thanks, pandemic), and it’s only going to continue to do so.

But don’t worry, having a website with a booking system for your business is like a superhero cape for your company. It’s a surefire way to adapt to these changing times and give your customers the convenience they crave. Plus, a website with a booking system helps you manage your business better by providing a space for your customers to make enquiries, select the best time and date, and book a spot for themselves. It’s basically like having your own personal assistant.

So go ahead and invest in a new website with a booking system. Not only will it make your business more efficient and increase revenue, but it’ll also give your customers the superhero-level service they deserve.

A Booking Website is perfect for

Gym & PTs

Allow clients to choose, book and pay for their group or individual training sessions

Private clinics

Appointment scheduling, services catalogue, payments, .


Schedule meetings, list the services, collect payments,

Spa salons

Allow customers to choose treatments in advance and pay.

Repair centers

List the services you provide and their availability.

Salons & Barbers

Allow customers to choose a stylist, book visit in advance.

What's included

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Suitable for start-up businesses needing a booking solution pricing starting from:
£ 1500
  • Appointment Booking System linked to payment gateway
  • Bespoke Responsive Web Design
  • Up to 4 info pages e.g. Homepage, About Us, Services, and Contact Us.
  • A Blog Marketing Section
  • Online Training Session
  • Payment option: 50% Deposit 50% on completion.
  • 6 months free hosting for Start ups without domain and hosting*
  • More pages and functions can be added for additional cost

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