Don’t write off print media just yet!

Are you fed up with getting lost in the digital world? Do you want to make a real connection with your potential customers? It’s time to bring back the power of print!

According to Top Media Advertising, combining print and digital ads and social media can make online campaigns 400% more effective. And if you think QR codes are just for those weird square things on the back of your shampoo bottles, think again! Studies have shown that including a QR code in a direct mail campaign can increase the response rate by 10%. Plus, using QR codes on event Zap stands and smart posters can get attendees to visit exhibitors’ websites and social media pages.

Printed material, like brochures and posters, creates a stronger connection with potential customers because it’s something they can touch and hold onto. It’s not just an ephemeral email that disappears into the digital abyss – it’s a tangible reminder of your brand that can stick around for a while. And let’s be real, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from screens and actually read something on good old paper. And if you’re worried about the environment, seek out an environmentally accredited printer that minimizes the impact on the environment by replacing trees used in the printing process.

So don’t be afraid to mix things up and include some print media design in your marketing strategy. Use it in direct mail campaigns, as a visual aid for your sales team, as a handout at events or in retail stores, or as a pick-up from a countertop or reception display. And don’t forget, you can always combine print and digital by using consistent branding on both your printed material and online platforms and turning your print brochure into a digital version that can be shared or downloaded as a PDF.

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