Are you using QR Codes to drive traffic to your website?

Say goodbye to long URLs and hello to QR codes! With just a scan of their phones, customers can easily access your website no matter where it is. Stick that QR code on a product, poster or business card and you’re good to go! What an innovative way to direct people to your website!

This can be especially useful if your website has a complex or hard-to-remember URL. Additionally, using QR codes can help drive traffic to your website by making it more accessible to people who may not know the URL or who may not be able to easily type it into their web browser.

The bounce back of the QR Code

QR codes had a jump in usefulness during the pandemic by providing a quick and easy way for businesses to implement contactless ordering and payment systems. QR codes allowed customers to easily access menus and make purchases from their own devices without having to physically interact with menus, or payment terminals. Helping stop the spread of infection, QR codes made it easier for businesses to keep up with the new rules of social distancing. Also, they allowed companies to easily incorporate digital ordering and payment systems which means more profits online and helped to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience.

Here are 5 ways to drive offline visitors to a website using QR codes

  1. Use QR codes on business cards or print materials to allow customers to easily access your website.
  2. Include QR codes in physical advertisements, such as billboards, zap stands, or posters, to provide a quick and easy way for customers to access your website. Cadburys in the UK at the time of writing this is running a Secret Santa campaign using QR codes on digital and static posters across the country for six weeks leading to Christmas.
  3. Use QR codes on packaging or product labels to provide customers with more information about the product or to allow them to easily access your website for additional information or to make a purchase.
  4. Place QR codes at the point of sale in your store to allow customers to easily access special offers or promotions on your website.
  5. Use QR codes in direct mail campaigns to provide them with a quick and easy way to access your website and learn more about your products or services.

Test the QR Code Generator and send offline visitors to your website

QR Code Generator

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